Choosing the very best digital marketing agency in London

Choosing the very best digital marketing agency in London

Choosing the best digital marketing agency in London for your project may seem like the dream event of the year.  

Imagine having a digital marketing agency that transforms your company’s fortunes and turns it into an amazing brand online that is attractive to every single potential client you can possibly want

We’re talking overseas clients, and clients that you’d never dream of having before. Imagine being able to lay all the credit for that success at the door of the digital marketing agency in London. In other words, you made the right decision, and everyone else is going to be looking to you for advice on choosing an agency. Wouldn’t that be amazing?

But how do you choose such an agency? Surely there are some tips and ideas out there that people can offer to you to help you make the right decision?

Unfortunately, this is not the case. It is actually more likely that anyone who has found a good digital agency will keep the details of the agency to themselves in case of the possibility that someone else will find out about the agency and poach them, which is just too much to bear.

However, we have a couple of pointers in this article that should help you along the road of finding the right agency for you. Look at the ideas in this article and it is easily possible that you will be able to piece together an action plan that will help you make the right decisions when hiring.

Please bear in mind though that there are good digital marketing agencies in London and there are some truly awful ones. Whenever you are trying to choose one, use due diligence and be very careful to shortlist. Remember that this is not as simple as just handing a project over to a company. Your companies online reputation is entirely in the hands of whichever agencies you choose. So the responsibility is considerable. Don’t let anyone who is naïve or inexperienced make the decision for you, and ensure that at least two people are involved in the decision-making process.

Go and see them

This is vital if you are to acquire the services of a high-quality digital marketing agency. There are literally hundreds of agencies to choose from in London, but not all of them are what they seem. Too many companies make the simple mistake of asking an agency to come and visit them before they make that decision. If you are about to hire an agency, ask to go and see them and their offices. A number of agencies aren’t really clear when they talk about how they are physically set up as an organisation. They may say they have a suite of offices, but in reality this could mean just a few rooms in a low-grade block. If you are paying good money, then demand to go see the offices of any agency that courts your business.

Ask to see the people who the agency says will work on your account. If you can’t see them in the office in front of you when you visit, then simply ask to see the people so you can put a face to the names. This is because many agencies freelance and outsource their work. If you’re happy with people in another country doing the work for you, and that is not necessarily a bad thing, then by all means agree to this kind of operation. But it is our experience that the very best work gets done by people that you have met.

When you are talking to the people in the office, do you get a good feeling about them? If you can feel the passion that they have for the work that they do then you are onto a winner. If they seem bored, or perhaps even uninformed on the techniques and strategies that you’re looking for, then the warning sirens should start ringing out. You are looking to hire a team that has staff who are totally committed to their work and doing the very best for clients. That should become evident once you have spoken to them for just a couple of minutes. If it is not clear, then walk away.

Choosing a digital marketing agency in London is simple as long as you stick to these simple guidelines. Your main aim is to meet the people are working on your brand. If you don’t do this then you have only have yourself to blame if these people trample all over your brand and bring you into disrepute. See tips for 2018.