What Makes a Marketing Agency Creative?

When you hire a marketing agency, you are looking for specialists that can do something that you can’t do yourself.  You are looking for a fresh approach, new ideas or a new perspective that will help your business grow, launch a new product or even simply rebrand everything you already have.  Marketing is about creativity as much as technology but how do you know if a marketing agency is creative or merely following the same routines every time?


One way to spot a potentially creative marketing agency is to look at the people that work for it.  Okay, you can’t judge someone that easily but if there is plenty of diversity in the business, then this is a good sign.

Different people of different age groups and from different backgrounds bring together a wide range of ideas, methods and experience that mean they are more likely to create something completely new and fresh.  

As well as diversity of people you also want to look for diversity of job experience.  Do they have copywriters and strategists as well as designers and tech people?  Or would you need to bring in several companies to do all of these elements, potentially costing you more and meaning you will have to coordinate the whole project yourself.


Marketing is great because there is no one single compulsory route to success.  Speak to a creative agency in London and one in Edinburgh and you will get some ideas that overlap and some that are completely different.  Each agency will have its own approach and this uniqueness is what can lead to success.  

Their approach should also be coupled with a relaxed attitude.  This might not seem important but an informal work environment has been shown to be the best for the artist minded person and therefore allows better creativity.  You want to harness that creativity and a relaxed attitude to work can help with this.  However, this isn’t the same as being uninterested, lax or lazy – they have the drive to do the job, fulfil deadlines and win for your business but not in a frenetic, uptight way.


The most successful people in any industry are the ones that have the most passion for what they are doing.  Whether this is accountancy, design, marketing or working as a teacher, whatever you do, you should love it.  That love and passion will bring out the best in what you do and give the best results to those you work with.  So one of the key attributes for a creative marketing agency is a real passion for their industry.

While they don’t need to rave about your business, a passion to help your business develop, expand or change is also important.  You don’t want someone with a lethargic attitude – you want someone bursting with ideas, concepts and methods how to market your business in the best possible way.  Sure those ideas might take some fine tuning but that initial enthusiasm is what will make the agency stand out to you and give you the best chance of success going forward.


To be truly creative, you need to be ready to adapt to changing circumstances and to try new things.  This applies to a marketing agency as well as any other creative business.  Adaptability means they might try what they have done before and it might work perfectly but if it doesn’t then they are ready to alter the approach and try something new.

Embracing the latest technology and being up to date with the latest trends are two good examples of this.

Walk into an agency’s office and see ancient PCs or hear talk about systems or approach from three or four years ago and know this isn’t a good sign.  You want your marketing agency to be cutting edge, ready to try the latest trends and knowledgeable about how the future changes will affect what they do.


There’s no guaranteed formula from a marketing agency that will ensure complete success as the industry is very much a trial and error one.  But by finding that agency whose spark matches your own, who are enthusiastic about the project and have a sense of what they will do, you are in the much better place to increase your success.

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